Fjallraven is one of the most trusted and popular brands when it comes to travel bags and accessories. Their products are designed with comfort in mind, and they’ve been featured in some of the best backbags worldwide. Fjallraven also offers a wide range of products. There’s something for everyone’s needs when it comes to Fjallraven Kanken!

Since the original Kanken, the Kanken family has added the Fjallraven Kanken pencil case, Fjallraven Kanken belt bag, Fjallraven Kanken lunch box, Fjallraven Kanken card wallet, and even a Kanken purse. Life has a way of being unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to stay ahead of the curve. Our line of backpack and bag accessories make the perfect companion to your favorite Fjallraven bag.

Useful Fjallraven accessories

Did somebody say rain? Worry less about moisture and focus more on the adventure with a rain cover for your trekking bag or your Kanken bag. Fjallraven’s travel accessories allow you to make the most of your travels. Fjallraven travel accessories include luggage tags and luggage organizers. You can carry your Fjallraven Osprey packs, daypacks and sleeping bags with ease – a convenient way to handle your travel gear.

Fjallraven accessories
Fjallraven accessories

Fjallraven key ring

Fjallraven luggage tags and organizers are built to withstand the wear and tear of repeated travel. They can use on any kind of Fjallraven bag, including totes, backpacks and suitcases. So they can be easily used and re-used throughout your travels. Shoulder pads and chest straps make your bag even more comfortable and customized for you. Keep all your keys in one place with a Fjallraven key ring. Give your keys a personal touch with the colourful keyring.

Fjallraven Kanken card wallet

Fjallraven Kanken card wallet are prepare for your with a flight bag cover for your travel bag and a laptop case for your electronics. Practical wallet in a convenient format. The main compartment has a zipper, plus there is a coin pocket and an open outside pocket – convenient when you want to keep a travel pass easily accessible. Get the most out of your Kanken and other with our backpack and bag accessories.

Fjallraven Kanken lunch box

Keep drinks cold or food warm – Fjallraven Kanken lunch box is just as suitable for picnics as for school lunchboxes. Made from hardwearing fabric with foam padding that keeps hot contents hot and cold contents cold, and with an inside that can easily be wiped clean. Fjallraven Kanken pencil case can fit perfectly inside a Kanken Mini or sideways in a regular Kanken.

is a convertible version of Fjallraven’s iconic backpack. And it can be a backpack when you bike, or a shoulder bag when you board a crowded bus. It has a zippered main compartment and an inside pocket with a padded base for a 13” laptop. With the seat pad you’ll find in the back of the main compartment, you can always take a break, wherever you are.

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Fjallraven manufactures a variety of different clothing items as well as other accessories. There are produces women’s, men’s and children’s Fjallraven clothing. Fjallraven have a wide range of other Fjallraven travel accessories to consider as well. Travel accessories include outdoor gloves, rain suits, hats, sunglasses, sunshades and more. Fjallraven also sells replacement parts and has a website where you can browse their products.

Backpacks4sale makes an excellent tool that is available for purchase online. Many work well as carry-ons, but sometimes you want to keep a few small things close. No matter where in the world your travels take you, keep the most important things by your side with Fjallraven wallets and small bags. When you’re on assignment, transporting gear accessories like laptop cables and drone controllers can get messy. A Fjallraven gear bag can help you create order out of chaos.