Are Fjallraven backpacks good for hiking

Is the Fjallraven Kanken backpack good for hiking? Read on to find out! This classic style of backpack is lightweight, well-ventilated, and highly durable. It also features a front and side zip pocket for storing valuables. You can also purchase one with more than one compartment for even more storage. Whether you’re on a hiking trip or simply want a backpack for travel, Kanken backpacks are an excellent choice.

Classic style of backpack

A Fjallraven Kanken backpack is a great option for a school trip, especially if you’re going to hike in a rainy area. It features a large compartment, which opens up so you can easily get at your stuff. It also works great for parents on the go, as the Kanken’s padded shoulder straps are perfect for carrying a laptop. Although Kanken backpacks can’t be washed in the washing machine, you can clean them manually with lukewarm water.

A Fjallraven Kanken backpack has a soft, cushioned back to prevent any objects from poking through, and is available in two sizes. It’s made of Vinylon-F, which is weather-resistant and tightly woven to keep it secure. There’s a removable pad on the inside for extra comfort. While the Kanken may not be the most comfortable backpack for long hikes, it’s perfect for everyday use and is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.


When choosing a backpack, you should always consider the type of hiking that you are going to do. While some backpacks may look bulky, a Fjallraven sling bag is very lightweight and perfect for hiking. The main difference between a backpack with built-in padding and one that is made of a fabric that can be washed and dried. In addition to being lightweight, a Fjallraven backpack can be a great option if you are looking to take your hiking gear with you for long trips.

Another difference between a backpack with a smaller capacity is the style. A Fjallraven backpack should be made of a breathable material like polyester and be lightweight. It should be able to fit under the seat of an airplane while keeping your back straight. If you plan on using the backpack for hiking, the Fjallraven Kanken backpack is a great choice. It has a smaller design that fits under the seat of an airplane, is still large enough to hold all your necessities, and is budget-friendly. It is about half the price of other travel backpacks.


The Fjallraven tote bag are great hiking backpacks that feature adjustable shoulder straps and hip belts. The Fjallraven tote bag is a women’s specific backpack, while the tote bag is designed for men. Both backpacks are well-ventilated, with an adjustable suspension system and Tegris frame sheet. The adjustable shoulder harness helps you stay comfortable for long hikes.

The Fjallraven high coast totepack is an updated version of the original, and was originally designed for schoolkids in Sweden. It is made from harder-wearing G 1000 fabric and has a dirt-resistant, breathable finish. You can carry your laptop and other electronics in the Kanken with extra padded straps. The Kanken is also very well-ventilated and offers plenty of room for other things.


Many Fjallraven backpacks are versatile office bags. They are spacious enough to carry everything you need, but also lightweight and comfortable for lugging around. Fjallraven backpacks keep the convenience of a computer and other items in mind, but look great enough to fit under the seat of an airplane. For a more affordable option, consider the Fjallraven foldsack. This backpack will keep your items safe and dry while you’re on the go.

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is a perfect example of this. It takes its inspiration from the backpacks originally designed for Swedish schoolchildren in the 1970s. The hard-wearing fabric is treated with an environmentally friendly hydrophobic finish. Fjallraven has been using this design philosophy for decades. You can find out more about the Kanken by selecting a row below. This row includes the most reviews for this product.

Ethically sourced

The Fjallraven committe to sustainable design throughout the manufacturing process. The company avoids the use of harmful chemicals and prioritizes longevity, recyclability, function, and simplicity. Fjallraven also adheres to a code of conduct based on the Fair Labor Association’s code of conduct on environmental protection, human rights, and animal welfare. Additionally, the company invests in renewable energy projects to offset its carbon emissions.

When choosing a hiking pack, it is important to consider the material used in making the product. The materials used in Fjallraven backpacks are largely organic, which means they’re eco-friendly. Fjallraven uses recycled plastic bottles for the body of their backpacks. The fabric is also water-repellent. However, the high price tag of this backpack may deter some hikers.


If you want a comfortable backpack for hiking, look no further than Fjallraven travel pack. Its travel pack is a staple part of the company’s lineup. This lightweight and durable pack has a main zippered compartment, two open side pockets, and ergonomic shoulder straps. It’s perfect for hiking, biking, or just walking the streets. You’ll also find a lot of hipsters sporting the Kanken travel backpack.

The Bergtagen 38 is the perfect blend of volume and comfort. With a 38L capacity, this hiking backpack features a supportive wood frame with a water-resistant nylon shell. The Bergtagen 38 also has external attachment points for trekking poles and ice axes. It is also ergonomic and breathable for hiking and provides ample storage space. The Fjallraven Bergtagen 38 Backpack is also available for women.