The Great Kanken Backpacks

Fall in love with Kanken backpacks. I’m not sure why, maybe it is the crisp autumn air, the earthy smell of freshly fallen leaves or maybe it is simply the color. Whatever it is, Kanken mini frost green is on my list for this year. Why? Because there are numerous colors to choose from and they look so elegant. Let’s take a look at what makes Kanken backpacks so special.

Kanken backpacks are known by many names throughout the world. Some call them Oriental packs, while others call them backpacks, and still others like to call them multi-purpose backpacks. Regardless of their name, they have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. Mainly result from their durability and convenience. You can carry quite a few items in them, depending on what you need to do or where you plan to go, and they usually fit a good amount of weight.

Fjallraven Kanken – Stylish

Fjallraven Kanken Sling

Fall in love with Kanken is easy because they are very stylish. There are two big designers, Kevin Dunn and Susan Lordi, each have their own stylish color scheme. You can get a Kanken Mini Plum or go with the large Kanken Deep Blue. The colors are so rich and complex, but not clunky or heavy like other, less pricey designer colors.

Color Combination

For something very unique, there is the black and orange combination. The large has the Kanken logo on the front, but it also has the smaller orange hoodie. It is very cute and trendy. I would love to have one like that, it would be great to travel with. On the other hand, if I were to get a large hooded bag, I probably wouldn’t wear it for hiking or other outdoor activities because the color would be too obvious.

 small Kanken backpack
small Kanken backpack

It doesn’t matter what type of products you’re looking for, you can find the perfect one at the Kanken store. If you want a large Kanken, they have the best-seller Fjallraven Kanken Sling. If you just want to carry some in your backpack when you’re out and about, they have mini sizes as well. For example, the Kanken Mini Blue Ridge.

The Popular Kanken Backpacks

Kanken Burnt Orange

Everyone has seen Kanken backpacks on television and in movies. For that reason, millions of people buy Kanken backpacks online every year. In addition, if you are in the market for some Fall clothing, Kanken Backpacks can help you get some Fall clothing to wear. These great bags come in various colors, which makes it easy to find the color that your loved one would love to wear.

Kanken Backpacks are also popular among college students who like to dress casual but still have a great look. Because these large backpacks come in multiple colors, you can mix and match clothing with them to get an even smarter look. Many of the colors include camouflage colors, which will help them blend in even further when they are in the forests. Fall in love with Kanken Backpacks can be as exciting and colorful as ever, and your special someone will surely fall in love with these wonderful bags.