5 Reasons to Buy Fjallraven Kanken Fox backpacks

In today’s modern world, style is everything. So why not buy Fjallraven ? These backpacks have everything you need for your outdoor adventures: Stylish design, water-resistant and durable construction, and Eco-Shell fabric. But do all those features really make these backpacks worth the price? Keep reading to learn more about these great backpacks.

Stylish design

Swedish brand Fjallraven is famous for its functional and fashionable backpacks. Their patented Kanken design balances the weight evenly to keep the backpacks comfortable for hours on end. The company in 1960 has been to designing durable clothing and outdoor equipment, and the Kanken Classic backpack quickly became a classic. The name Fjallraven is derived from the Swedish word for fox, which means mountain fox or Arctic fox.

The kanken fox backpack was developed by the Swedish company Fjallraven in the late 1970s. The back problems caused by the weight of the backpack were widespread in the Swedish population. The Swedish company developed the in response to the problem, which at the time was affecting 80 per cent of the population. The Kanken distributed the weight evenly across the shoulders, reducing back pain. It was also popular with Swedish pensioners, who were often walking the streets of Stockholm carrying a Kanken backpack.


A classic is the Kanken. This backpack opens its entire main compartment for easy access. The company originally created this product in 1978 as a way to spare schoolchildren’s backs. Shoulder bags were popular during that time. These backpacks are known for their simple functions. They have an integrated shoulder strap for easy carrying. Water-resistant materials are an important factor for these backpacks.

The Fjallraven Kanken small black backpack is a lightweight pack that reduces the weight on your back. It is made from water-resistant Vinylon F fabric, which resists both wetness and dirt. Its spacious main compartment has a large zip opening and two flat side pockets. In addition to the main compartment, there is a zipped pocket on the front panel for easy access to items. A seat cushion is included in the interior back pocket, which is made of PE foam. The logo of the brand is reflective.


The incredibly durable Fjallraven backpack kids backpack is the bag of choice for many people. This iconic bag is a staple among schoolchildren in Sweden and remains an excellent option for adults as well. Its modular design makes it easy to organize your items, and it’s water-resistant. And unlike many other backpacks, it doesn’t weigh a ton. Even though you can easily fit the contents of a typical college backpack into a Kanken, it will still have plenty of space for your books.

Many cities have numerous retailers that sell Fjallraven products. You can also support local businesses by purchasing from your local outdoor store. Many local retailers carry the Kanken, including REI. You can purchase online and pick up the item in the store, and you can return it right there. In addition to REI, Cotsworld Outdoor and Urban Outfitters carry this type of backpack. If you don’t have time to shop for a new backpack, you can always shop at these stores and find the style you want.

Eco-Shell fabric

The Eco-Shell fabric used on Fjallraven Kanken Fox backpacks is fully recyclable. Instead of Gore-Tex membranes, which are difficult to recycle, Fjallraven uses partially recycled polyester. The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for work environments. While Fjallraven does not guarantee that fading will never occur, the quality of their fabrics will not suffer.

Using recycled materials in the production of Fjallraven backpacks is an important part of their environmental responsibility. The Eco-Shell fabric on these backpacks is from polyester and organic cotton, as well as recycled PET bottles. PET bottlesĀ  of plastic used by many food manufacturers. In addition, the Series raises awareness for ocean plastic pollution and supports environmental nonprofits.

Blank label

The first warning sign that you might be buying a fake backpack is a blank label. The original Fjallraven Kanken Fox backpacks have a large, glossy, Fjallraven logo in the middle of the tag. This badge is designed to look like a fox and is sewn into the bag’s structure. Many counterfeits also have a smaller, unsewn Fjallraven logo on the front. The fox logo is reflective and glows in the dark.

The blank label on the will make it more difficult to fake the brand name. The actual Fjallraven Kanken backpacks have a special edition called Save the Arctic Fox, which donates ten Euros from every backpack sold. This limited edition product features the iconic Fjallraven logo, which means arctic fox in Swedish. Beware of deceptive retailers and big online platforms, which may use the brand name arbitrarily.