Kanken aesthetic
Kanken aesthetic

If you are looking for a small, functional, all around back pack, the Fjallraven is perfect for you. Taking Re-Kanken Dark Olive for example. It has roomy interior compartments, plenty of mesh pockets and mesh & nylon striped panels for breath ability and to wick moisture away from the body. There are also a padded hip belt & shoulder pad with Velcro fasteners for securing the bag. Most models come with a removable padded backpack to use as a carry-all or a laptop carry-all.

Kanken Backpacks Compatible with Everything

What you need to know about Kanken backpack? Small or large, a Fjallraven Kanken Rainbow can go almost anywhere. It is fitting for hiking, traveling, carrying books or even sleeping on a sunny beach during a picnic trip. Moreover, the Kanken UN Blue is an extremely versatile backpack that will last for many years.

Features of Fjallraven Kanken

The Kanken was developed in Denmark by Kanken Company, a privately held company based in Sweden. is an ultralight backpacking tool with nylon, polyester, and strong canvas. It is lightweight, water resistant, and very durable. It is made to survive wear and tear under any condition. Since it is extremely light, it is also easier to carry without the affect of wind, rain, or snow.

What you need to know about Kanken backpack is that it comes from Denier polyester and is small enough to fit into even the smallest of places. It also is available in different colors, weights, and lengths so that you can find the one that is right for you. These backpacks have a standard front panel that has two rows of webbed straps. On the back panel, there are mesh pockets and water resistant nylon mesh.

Three Sizes of Kanken Bags

kanken size
kanken size

The Fjallraven Kanken is available in three sizes. The small size is ideal for individuals with the needs of a small, light backpack. For example, Kanken Mini Fog. The medium sized is ideal for individuals who need a medium weight backpack. The large size is perfect for individuals who need a heavy backpack. The small, medium, and large sizes can be purchased together in a package and they are cheaper as a set than purchasing them individually.

Durable and Lightweight

The Kanken is an ultralight backpack with fabric sewing together. It is extremely strong and durable for confronting extreme conditions. It is very light, which makes it easier to take on and off of rough terrain. If you are going on a hike through remote areas where there are no roads or trails, you will want to consider a small Kanken.

Another unique feature of the Kanken backpack is its adjustable drop-bottom. This feature allows you to adjust the drop-bottom of the backpack to the appropriate level of depth you would like. There are no traditional sit-stay-fetch kind of backpacks. The Kanken backpack has an adjustable drop bottom that keeps the weight off your back as you move around.

Extended Warranty from Fjallraven Kanken

Kanken Laptop 17' black
Kanken Laptop 17′ black

You will love the fact that Kanken offers a great warranty. They offer one year of warranty for the products. This warranty goes with every Kanken product. The warranty covers the product’s defects and all damages. It does not cover normal wear and tear.

You also may be concerned about what you need to know about Kanken backpack when it comes to the price. Well, the price is not as much as you might think. When compared to other small backpacks, the Kanken backpack really is very reasonable. Kanken is aware that most people need more then one small bag to carry around all of their various items.

The Kanken backpack meets the needs of the avid traveler. It can easily fit into most checked and padded bags. Most important, it is very light weight. It will allow you to carry your belongings much easier than before. It is recommended for people who are looking to purchase a small backpack but are limited on space. If you are in search of a new small backpack that is durable and will hold up under any type of weather conditions then the Kanken Mini Navy is perfect for you.